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Gofreelance.com Website Review & Ratings + Go Freelance Coupons

Let’s face it, the economy right now is a joke. Even highly trained and specialized professionals are being squeezed by employers taking advantage of economic uncertainty. Rather than hire full time staff, many firms are outsourcing tasks requiring skilled professionals on freelancing websitesites to independent contractors working from home or offsite. On the flip side, more and more people are shunning the traditional 9-to-5 model by working as independent contractors.

There are many such sites online offering short and medium term opportunities for skilled professionals of every stripe. Gofreelance.com targets people relatively new to freelancing, and not for charitable reasons by any means. They are unique in that they are a subscription based site. That is, before you can post or apply to online jobs, it is necessary to sign up for a  weekly trial period, with a monthly membership fee of $49.95 charged thereafter unless you cancel before the trial expires. This requirement for up-front payment and built-in mechanism to charge clients indefinitely should set off alarm in anyone burned while seeking to make money online before. The cheap looking graphics and annoying email capture form popping up every few minutes reminds this reviewer more of a clickbank offer page than a site for serious freelancers. The fact that they are simply a rebranded version of a notorious scam site known as "Freelance Work Exchange" does not inspire much in the way of confidence either.

Gofreelance has a wider variety of jobs available compared some other more specialized freelancing sites. Listed categories include;

Go Freelance: What makes it different?
  • Gofreelance is very aggressive in seeking new members. If you give them your email, your inbox will be flooded with job postings. This is a key difference, as genuine freelancing sites usually let the freelancers come to them rather than resorting to tactics generally used by online scam artists.
  • Gofreelance posts a great deal of ostensibly very high paying tasks. Whereas competing sites offer article writing jobs paying about $5 each, many job postings claiming to offer 10 times as much are listed on Gofreelance.
  • As a subscription based service, a member could expect less competition  (assuming the jobs actually exist) due to the fact that only paying members of the site can apply for available positions. For example, job on a free-to-join freelancing site may have over 100 freelancers competing for the bid while a similar job may have only a few dozen interested parties submitting bids. However, this cannot be verified as Gofreelance does not list the number of bids for each position.
  • Unlike most freelancing sites, Gofreelance has many opportunities requiring few specialized skills. Tasks like editing and proofreading books and articles are open to anyone who is a native English speaker, as opposed to other sites where an editorial or journalistic background is a minimum requirement for such jobs.
  • Job postings are open for three weeks. That is, an employer does not make their choice until the life of the posting is complete. Considering that the trial offer expires in a week, this seems a rather low method to force members into getting smacked with the full $49.95 fee.
Go Freelance vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Go Freelance)

Gofreelance is in direct competition with Freelancer.com (formerly Getafreelancer.com) and Elance.com. While all of these sites share some features in common such as escrow arrangements, Gorfreelancer compares poorly in areas against the competitors.

Freelancer.com is the granddaddy of online freelancing. It has over 3 million users and over $118 million has been paid out since its founding. It organizes jobs into a bewildering array of subcategories. If you are seeking a very specialized skill like Drupal programming for a Danish website, this is a much better place to look or offer you services as Gofreelancer's programming section is housed under a vague “web design” subheading, leaving employers and job seekers no recourse besides either trying different keyword combinations in Gofreelance's search bar in hope of a job matching their specialty popping up, or undertaking the agonizingly slow procedure of browsing through the whole list.

Freelancer also lists jobs by date and shows who else has been bidding on it, and at what cost. Gofreelance only shows the job posting, with no indication of its age or the volume of competing bids. Each job poster and jobseeker's ratings are visible to members and visitors alike on Freelancer, enabling any user to judge the employer or contractor based on reviews of people who have worked with them in the past. The only areas where Gofreelance is favorably positioned over Freelancer is that the site is less cluttered, so that even though the layout and organization is poor, a new member is more able to navigate through its decidedly less well targeted jobs base on the first visit. 

Elance is the second best known site if its kind. The main pros of Elance is that the online profiles of both employers and contractors offer a broader range of information as well as increased interactivity (you can message other members, and even invite contractors to bid on your projects) over similar profiles at Freelancer, and is especially superior to Gofreelancer as the member portfoios are more limited and numerous bugs are often reported. The good looking profiles make Elance the freelance portal of choice for small to midsize companies engaged in programing, web design, and outsourced administrative tasks. If you are an independent professional just starting out, the anonymity of Freelancer or Gofreelance may work to your benefit. A major limitation on Elance is that they only allow each account to bid within a single category. Applying to extra categories will cost $5 per category. While this is fine for niche specialists, someone like me who can write, program, edit, and design websites could definitly do better elsewhere.

Go Freelance: Pricing & packages

Superficially, Gofreelance appears to be the most high-paying freelancer site out there. However, the $49.95 "all-access" monthly fee compares poorly with Freelancer and Elance. Freelancer allows free members to post unlimited jobs, and apply for up to 30 per month without upgrading. The jobs on Freelancer, however, pay decidedly less in every category outside highly specialized graphical and programming categories, thanks to the very large number of South Asian freelancers to whom $100 is a small fortune. Despite this, you will acyually get paid as long as the promised work is completed on time.

While jobs listed on Elance pay somewhere in between, the monthly limit of 10 job bids for a free member is simply not enough to guarantee even a single winning freelance job bid, especially for a new member without positive ratings yet. Elance will always charge between 6% and 9%  per job, whether you are a free or upgraded member.

Freelancer takes between 5% and 10% of contractor earnings. Posting a job is free (so long as you avoid “featured” status and resist the onslaught of upsells that Elance and Freelancer will try to foist upon you during the job posting process!) on both sites, but both sites charge fees of up to 10% on employer deposits into the escrow accounts, a required step for a contractor to actually begin work on your project.

Freelancer.com has an optional gold membership that runs $24.95 per month, which allows contractors unlimited bids on jobs and cuts the company’s cut to 3%. Elance has 4 membership plans, ranging in cost from free to $40 per month. However, they are often nicknamed “Feelance” due to the fact that even the most expensive monthly plan provides only 60 job bids, any more need to be purchased separately, which makes Elance more of a site for the purchasing of trade leads than a genuine freelancing site.

When comparing all these hidden fees to the flat-rate $49.95 cost for full access, Gofreelance almost looks competitive. The dealbreaker is that even though the competitors do nickel and dime you along the way, they are only making profits  AFTER you have made money. Any site that makes claims of easy money, and then requires an up-front payment before granting access to the available content raises a red flag in my book. The fact that Gofreelance is the successor site of the tainted Freelanceworkexchange.com that still tolerates a large number of “Home Business” offers suspiciously similar in description to the kind of junk that usually populates your spam folder does not exactly inspire confidence.  The risks of losing the money spent just to access this database simply is not worth the risk when much more reliable alternatives are available that enable you to profit from freelancing without spending a single dime up front.

Go Freelance: Product images & screenshots
Go Freelance Coupons
Go Freelance: Customer reviews & comments

The level of negative comments and reviews regarding this site overwhelmingly support my analysis that Gofreelance is a site to be avoided. What few positive comments found could just as easily been posted by the Gofreelance employees. While many negative reviews are essentially carbon copies of my hard-learned opinion that any site that promises big earnings AFTER you pay an up-front fee are scams, many reviews illustrate more specific problems that arise from using this site. I do not include positive reviews as since the bulk of those online are articles published on free directories indicate they are more likely the work of members of Gofreelance's generous affiliate program than actual satisfied customers. More typical comments paint a terrible picture;

"This company sends endless 'opportunities' to pull you in to their 'trial' option. Yet after they charged me over $56 for one month I began noticing that the postings were lessening during my less than one month tenure. Not only that-I noticed any new postings were duplicates. When I went to cancel my subscription I was informed that any job posting I applied to would be eliminated, so no employers could get in touch with me (yet another way of keeping me subscription mode) Yet I paid for a week ($7) then was charged $49.95 for a month and yet my subscription was yet to expire in less than a month from my join date.

What I find strange is that there is no way to contact them except email and when I finally canceled they are registered with Paypal as an international company (NOT New York/US) also their tutorials to cancel are narrated by a brit guy-extremely suspect. This place is a cash cow that preys on this desperate economy.

BTW, I have 15 years of high profile mkt under my belt and applied to EVERY posting...you can't tell me not one employer has considered me. Further, why would employers post jobs for THREE PLUS weeks? That makes no sense as a freelancer-when an interim position needs to be filled is usually an immediate need-hence the 'freelance' status.

STAY AWAY-don't waste what's left of your money for false promises. I've contacted paypal in regards to getting a refund esp since I paid for 5 weeks and got 3 and lost ALL of the info (I paid for the service-why is it all lost-so that tells me there is something very wrong with their practices. Think about it-this company KNOWS you are going to cancel and all of these false postings are 3 weeks PLUS...so they have you by the berries."

"Gofreelance.com..is a scam. I signed up for their 7 day deal ($2.95) with the option to cancel within 7 days .I paid $2.95 by credit card and I received no confirmation email. I logged into the site...there were only 15-20 freelance projects avaialble , as they assured there are more than 7000 freelance projects...over a week no new project was added...tried to cancel my subscription ..they ask for subcription ID..whcih they never gave,,niether they send any email of your registraion to your email ..they do not leave a trace of coresspondnce with member....niether you can find the contact details of any person/admin of website."

"I think this outfit has to be called a scam though maybe it's a legal one. A handful of 'job opportunities' are advertised on the site, and you can apply for them hoping that they themselves aren't scams. There aren't enough to make accessing the site worthwhile. Mostly the site flogs a set of cheesy e-books that repackage old ideas about marketing freelance services. I've seen more professional-looking stuff created by grade-schoolers.Note that you only get one week of access for $2.95; if you don't cancel before the end of the term they want to bill you $30. You can get better job opportunities for free at HotJobs or anywhere else."

"The company is posing to be a professional but is definitely a hoax. I paid the company in good faith to be able to get some good job but after I have paid through paybycash.com. , no email or reply from their company has been received. I tried to contact their supposed to be customer help support but it proved to be useless. They have no company profile and no telephone numbers. I want to spread this message to everyone that they might not be fooled by this company gofreelance.com"



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I attempted to write an review on this company a few months ago. When I started researching the site, I found more negative feedback than possitve. As I looked over the site and read reviews, I was turned off. My biggest turn off was you had to pay to join.

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