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Solvate is a premier and dynamic company in New York that caters to providing employers on-demand freelance workforce and helping freelancers and consultants secure contract jobs. Empowered by technology and uninhibited by the limitations of geography, it connects pre-screened professionals and bona fide employers. It takes care of the logistics so users can concentrate on what matters most -- producing great work.
Employment is changing, since one in four now works on a contract basis. Solvate aspires to make the American labor economy more efficient, to ease people to work productively together by telecommuting. It has recruited over 1000 America's best independent professionals to work on-demand. Its customers range from Apple Inc. to startups. The company has 2,000 freelancers in its talent database now and hopes to add many more from Austin, Texas, its new branch office.

For employers, Solvate makes it easy to quickly find and hire the contract talent they need. It applies a vetting process and only U.S.-based independent professionals meeting or exceeding Solvate’s high standards are catalogued, so employers can easily find the exact skills and experience they are looking for. Solvate’s recruiters also help employers and provide handpicked recommendations.                                                                                               

Solvate takes care of all administration/paperwork, billings and payments and provides accountability throughout the process. It accounts for the work performed and maintains rigorous support and oversight to ensure employers’ satisfaction. Its protocols promote transparency and allow employers to work in real time. Solvate negotiates competitive hourly rates and display them on each talent profile. There are no hidden fees – the talent pays Solvate a portion of their earnings, so the rate published is the rate an employer will pay.                              

For freelancers, Solvate provides the tools to best promote their services, connect with like-minded professionals and safely transact with clients without fear of getting stiffed. Unlike other online labor marketplaces that encourage contractors to underbid, causing bottom prices, Solvate applies fair market principles. Freelancers set and control their hourly rates and clients from the very beginning know how much a freelancer’s time costs. With Solvate, freelancers sign only one contract to work with all its clients, saving time and hassle in individual contract negotiations.

Freelance professionals use Solvate’s Profile Builder to create their own storefronts to showcase their services for sale. Solvate drives leads to the profiles through paid campaigns and search engine optimization, maximizing freelancers’ exposure to potential clients around the world. To protect freelancers from deceit, Solvate has created a billing process where work done is only work authorized, with easy tracking time and transparency, and only employers with a credit card on file can contact freelancers. Solvate’s system guarantees payment of a freelancer’s every hour of work approved by a client.

Solvate: What makes it different?

Some elements in Solvate’s system that applies to employers seeking independent professionals and freelancers looking for contract jobs differentiate Solvate from its competitors and make it stand out from them.

  • Solvate’s platform and protocols are more transparent and easier to follow. An employer looking for an independent professional can quickly find one for free of charge in Solvate’s 1,600 talent profiles whom Solvate has vetted and who has met or exceeded Solvate’s high standards of acceptance. From the beginning, the employer already knows how much the talent’s time costs per hour because it is published on his profile and Solvate gets its revenue from a portion of the professional’s earnings and not from the employer. Besides that, Solvate takes care of all administration and paperwork, including NDAs, contracts and tax forms, billing and payments, and is responsible for the work performed. If the employer needs a more sophisticated service from Solvate, he can also easily look up the terms on Solvate’s Plans & Pricing page.
  • Unlike other online labor marketplaces that encourage contractors to underbid on projects, causing a “race to the bottom” on price, Solvate believes in fair market principles. Freelancers set and control their own hourly rates and sign only one contract to work with all Solvate’s clients, saving the time and hassle of individual contract negotiation.
  • Solvate protects freelancers from disreputable employers by creating a secure billing process where only employers with a credit card on file can contact job seekers. A freelancer’s check is mailed five days after the end of each month, without fail.
  • Whereas a top labor marketplace like oDesk can offer a guarantee only to hourly billing, excluding manual payments like fixed prices, bonuses etc, Solvate’s freelancers get paid for every hour approved by the employers – guaranteed.
  • Solvate applies a tighter control on the quality of professionals to be included in its talent profiles.
Solvate vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Solvate)

Now let’s have a look at two top online labor marketplaces that have traffic ranking way above that of Solvate and see how Solvate compares with them. is one of the industry leaders in remote work, a marketplace for online work teams, with a sound business model for both employers and contractors.

More than doubling in size each year since 2004, oDesk is successful as a venue for employers to secure independent talent as well as a source of income for thousands of contractors. oDesk has helped change how the world works. like oDesk is one of the leading platforms for online employment, helping employers hire and manage contractors by telecommuting on hourly or project basis, providing the tools for the purpose. To contractors seeking independent work online, Elance offers access to virtual workplaces and guaranteed pay as well as the tools to make their work as efficient as possible.

Over 500,000 jobs are posted on Elance every year. Elance aspires to pioneer a new way to work and to grow companies.

Unlike oDesk and Elance, Solvate applies a tighter control on the quality of professionals to be included in its talent profiles. Solvate also does not accept bidding on projects, which simplifies matters for both employers and job seekers. Solvate’s system generally, too, is more transparent and time-saving – an employer can easily access Solvate’s talent profiles and immediately see how much he has to pay for a certain contractor for his work per hour, backed by Solvate’s online collaboration tools and streamlined administration. Likewise a contractor will just have to submit his profile and hourly rates using Solvate’s easily accessible guidelines and tools. With Elance on the other hand, although its system is first-rate, a prospect has to read a lot much more. ODesk, too, can offer a guarantee only to hourly billing, excluding manual payments like fixed prices, bonuses etc, while Solvate’s freelancers get paid for every hour approved by the employers – guaranteed.

The above paragraph shows some elements where Solvate compares positively with its competitors. However, Solvate’s fee percentage is higher than those of oDesk and Elance and Solvate apparently needs to push its marketing online and offline to create a buzz, boost its traffic ranking, develop its customer base and grow its business.    

Solvate: Pricing & packages

Solvate earns its revenue from:

  • Contractors (a.k.a. freelancers, consultants or independent professionals) -- 20%-30% of their Standard Rate per hour charged to their employers is Solvate’s fee. Thus, a contractor will receive from Solvate an hourly Standard Rate less the fee, which is called the hourly subcontracting rate. Solvate publishes a list of average subcontracting rates for various job designations as a guideline to contractors, which are still negotiable between contractors and Solvate during their interview;
  • Employers (a.k.a. clients), i.e. in the case of Ambassador or Enterprise services offered by Solvate. On its Plans & Pricing page, Solvate publishes three kinds of service to employers:

- Self-Serve, which is free of charge, but with full access to Solvate’s pre-screened talent network & collaboration platform, live support and standard contract & NDA processing;
- Ambassador, which is a dedicated talent search and fulfillment service, high-touch consultation and personal talent sourcing etc. – free for the first 30 days, after which $100 per month;
- Enterprise, which is a full support and customization, sharing Solvate access and top-flight service with hiring managers across employer’s organization – pricing to be discussed with Solvate.

Unlike Solvate, oDesk charges only 10% on the contractor’s rate and nothing to the employer. Elance on the other hand collects 6.75%-8.75% plus $10, $20 or $40 monthly membership (which can be cancelled at any time) for special services. The basic service is free, except for the 6.75%-8.75% fee.                    

Solvate: Product images & screenshots
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Solvate: Customer reviews & comments

Solvate can afford to encourage customers’ feedback on its services, as remarks about this company or its services are scarce on the Internet. It will benefit from knowing what customers think about its business practice, in order to achieve progress.  

Here is a comment posted on on May 20, 2011, written by Administrator: is offering a great coupon code, such as their free business consultation coupon which allows you to get a consultation without spending any money! Solvate will help you contract the best talent or independent professional to do work for you based on your budget and availability. If you are a freelancer, you can post your skills and knowledge on Solvate, so employers can find you and hire you for work. Solvate is a great place that brings employers and talent together for beneficial parternships. Check them out today and get a free business consultation.

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Never heard of solvate, though I have signed up for Elance... great work.

I heard about elance. I just need more time to do these things.

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